Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Vela Days skincare is here to help prevent and protect your skin from the visible signs of premature aging. Each product has been clinically proven to show results, helping to improve your skin appearance whilst protecting the skin integrity. Each product is enriched with active ingredients that help to prevent and soften fine lines and wrinkles in a gentle way suitable for all skin types.

Lipid Complex Cleanser Vela days_lipid cleansing oil
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Lipid Complex Cleanser

CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm

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Vela days_complete 3 step pack_saves money Vela days_complete 3 step pack_skincare pack
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Complete 3-Step Pack

CannaComplex® Full Routine

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Active Compound Face Serum Vela days_Active Compound_multi active
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Active Compound Face Serum

CannaComplex® Multi-Active Facial Serum

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Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask
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Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask

Collagen Infused Restorative Sheet Mask.

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Vela days_active compound_product refill Vela days_active compound_sustainable beauty
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Refill Canister - Active Compound

CannaComplex® Multi-Active Facial Serum

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Vela days_cleansing bands_hair scrunchie Vela days_lipid complex_face cleanser
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Cleansing Bundle

CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm and Bands

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Vela days_cleanse and treat pack_skincare bundle Vela days_cleanse and treat pack_skincare pack
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Cleanse and Treat Pack

CannaComplex® Cleanse and Treat Pack

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Vela days_skin ultimate_supplements Vela days_skin ultimate_skin supplements
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Skin Ultimate

One Month Intelligent Supplement System

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Vela days_oil infusion_product refill Vela days_oil infusion_sustainable skincare
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Refill Canister - Oil Infusion

CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum

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vela days_serum lovers pack_SKINCARE BUNDLE vela days_serum lovers pack_TWO FACE SERUMS
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Serum Lover Pack

CannaComplex® Serum Lovers Pack

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Vela days_Barrier repair Kit_dry skin saviour Vela days_Barrier repair Kit_skin barrier repair
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Barrier Repair Kit

CannaComplex® Barrier Repair Kit

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Vela Days Gift Card Vela Days Gift Card

Vela Days Gift Card

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