Our Promise.

Sustainability and transparency are at the core of the Vela Days mission and we are moving closer to a complete circular beauty model every day.

We aim for 100% transparency when it comes to sustainability so we can close the loop and help achieve a more sustainable beauty business. However, true sustainability is not easy, it’s a process and it changes regularly which is why we constantly revaluate and refine our processes and will make these very clear to you where possible.

Vela Days is founded on the principle that skincare products should be multi-purpose powerhouses. Buying less means using less, resulting in less overall waste, too.

Below are a few ways we are committed to helping:

Vela Days uses a mixture of recyclable glass and recyclable plastic packaging for our products. Our packaging is recyclable if placed in the correct recycling bins and we also have a free full take back scheme for sending back packaging to be recycled correctly by us through Terracycle. All our paper cartons and shipping contains are made from FSC certified paper stock using eco-friendly inks. We do the dirty work for you and commit to taking back all used products. Simply fill out our packaging return form and we’ll send you a return satchel for the product. We make sure products are correctly recycled through our waste management system. It’s skincare that comes full circle.
We aim to ethically source the ingredients as locally as possible inorder to reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses.
We offer discounted refill options for all our glass packaging. Once your bottle is empty, you can order a new full-size refill canister for your product. This significantly reduces your packaging waste and carbon footprint.
Vela Days offset 100% of our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits through Carbon Neutral. Carbon offsets are an activity that prevents the release of and reduces or removes the greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.
We partner with One Tree Planted to help increase the green canopy across Australia. Inorder to continuously give back to the planet we commit to planting 1 tree for every online order at Veladays.com. You will see this when you checkout online.


All Vela Days products are 100% manufactured in Australia.

For the future

Got a suggestion on how we can be more sustainable?
Email us on info@veladays.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts.