Welcome to Vela Days

It’s no coincidence that you’re here. In truth, there’s no such thing.
You were meant to find us. Your skin was, too.

Welcome to Vela Days, where we believe your lucky day can be everyday, when using the right skincare. Using bio-technology and clinical ingredients, we bottled nature’s finest, so you can do more with less.

And while spending an hour by candlelight pampering ourselves with lotions and potions is bliss, Vela Days CEO (and mother of two), Amelia Gartner, believed skincare could be simple, time-savvy and still highly effective. And so, Vela Days was born.

Hemp is in our DNA.

Created by Pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis company Greenfield MC, our efficacious products utilize the power of clinical-grade, high-quality hemp extracts and oils, to create luminous results, luxuriously.

With anti-inflammatory and active healing properties, this powerfully potent plant has worked for millennia to deeply penetrate pores, moderate oil production, moisturise, and soothe to create calmer, smoother, softer skin.

The name Vela comes from a constellation that can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere. It reflects the magic of the sky and the power of the earth that’s also responsible for our key ingredient, hemp, which we grow proudly at home in Australia. Vela Days are the two coming together, falling into place and showing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

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When everything just works.

We are the freedom of choice without compromise. Our products include the latest technology in hemp innovation, phytochemical rich plant oils, protective ceramides, bio-clinical actives and more, to produce efficient skincare, applied effortlessly.

Because our mission is to keep you moving forward; with your skincare, your day, and your life.

This is skincare as it’s meant to be.