Packaging Take Back Program. 

As part of our sustainability commitment, Vela Days offers refills for majority of our products in order to help significantly reduce our carbon emissions and allow you to retain your products for longer while making savings on your refill cost price.

Contrary to what we are often told, most beauty products are not recyclable in your kerbside bins due to product contamination and different packaging materials.

Vela Days offers a recycling program through Terracycle for all Vela Days product packaging you no longer wish to keep. This ensures your packaging is properly recycled and that we are moving towards a circular beauty model. It is no cost to send your packaging back to us.

How It Works:

We have designed our Refillable packaging so that the inner component can be removed when it is empty and replaced with a new full product refill. You can return your empty inner pod back to us and we will ensure it is recycled with Terracycle. We ask that you try to collect multiple Vela Days packaging before sending it back in order to reduce the carbon emissions output.

To request a packaging return bag please fill out this form.


When you make a refill purchase you will be asked if you would like to add a return mailer for your used packaging to your order. Please drop this into a mail box or at your nearest Australia Post Office. Alternatively, you can fill out a form <a href=''>here</a> to receive a packaging return satchel
In order to lower our carbon emissions and help create a more circular beauty loop, Vela Days offer product refills. Refilling your Vela Days products offers you product cost savings and cuts your packaging waste and emissions significantly. When you purchase a product refill instead of a completely new product, you are significantly reducing carbon emissions, energy use and water use, as well as helping to reduce the billions of units of beauty waste that end up in landfill each year.
You can send the below packaging material back to us for recycling:
<b>Accepted material:</b><br>
• Vela Days Glass bottles - please DO NOT send back broken glass.<br>
• Vela Days acrylic and plastic bottles and jars.<br>
• Vela Days lids, pumps, pots and refill chambers.<br>
<b>Not accepted:</b><br>
• Vela Days cardboard external packaging (please place this in kerbside recycling)<br>
• Vela Days product cartons (please place this in kerbside recycling)<br>
• Products from other brands


For the future

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