Dry Skin

Are you familiar with the anguish of dry and dehydrated skin? Don't suffer from tightness, discomfort, and persistent redness anymore. Vela Day's formulations focus on catering to dry and dehydrated skin, adequately hydrating your skin whilst ensuring it has enough moisturisation for a calm and soft complexion.

Lipid Complex Cleanser Vela days_lipid cleansing oil
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Lipid Complex Cleanser

CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm

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Oil Infusion Face Oil Vela days_oil infusion_face oil serum
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Oil Infusion Face Oil

CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum

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Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask
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Cica-Gen B3 Treatment Mask

Collagen Infused Restorative Sheet Mask.

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Vela days_cleansing bands_hair scrunchie Vela days_lipid complex_face cleanser
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Cleansing Bundle

CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm and Bands

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Vela days_skin ultimate_supplements Vela days_skin ultimate_skin supplements
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Skin Ultimate

One Month Intelligent Supplement System

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Vela days_oil infusion_product refill Vela days_oil infusion_sustainable skincare
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Refill Canister - Oil Infusion

CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum

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Vela days_Barrier repair Kit_dry skin saviour Vela days_Barrier repair Kit_skin barrier repair
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Barrier Repair Kit

CannaComplex® Barrier Repair Kit

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