Summer months are always looked forward to for the long hot days and salty beach air, but summer skincare should always come first. The right skincare routine can prevent sun damage, remove dead skin cells and keep your skin hydrated so you'll always have glowing skin by the pool.


Why do you need to lighten your routine in summer?

Readjusting your skin care routine for summer is important as it protects the skin from excessive heat, sunburn, rashes, tanning, acne, and more.


How can you protect your skin in summer?

Sun protection is key to gorgeous bronze-tinted skin, but so is summer skincare. To make sure you have a skin barrier against direct sunlight and humidity, you need to have a routine that is hydrating and full of the right products for your skin type.

Lighten your moisturiser & makeup products

Using a thick moisturiser that is too oily will just make your skin more prone to breaking out, so make sure to invest in a lightweight moisturiser for those extra hot days.

For makeup, buy lightweight products such as BB Cream, serum foundation, cream, or liquid-based products that are easy to remove and don't clog your skin too much!

Use a gentle cleanser

Hotter days mean more sweat, so more dirt, bacteria, and oil to fill the pores. In this case, your skincare routine should always include a gel or cream cleanser with salicylic acid or lactic acid, which can unclog pores and stop pimples from forming.

Add antioxidants into your routine

Vitamin C is a no-brainer. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, erases any dark spots, and helps with collagen production. It's easy: apply a few drops of Vitamin C before moisturising and straight after cleansing, you'll notice the difference this summer.

Exfoliate your skin less

Exfoliating skin too much during summer can dry it out, which is never good for the warmer months. However, they do remove dead skin cells, so two to three a week is recommended for normal skin, although oily skin can do with more! As for dry skin, don't do it as much during hot days.

You can also incorporate glycolic acid as a chemical exfoliant, as this is a non-scrubbing method to achieve radiant skin. Just gently pat your face with a cotton pad.

Use a face mask at night

Using a face mask helps to cool and repair the skin after a hot day, has nourishing antioxidants, aids with anti-aging, and is essentially food for your skin cells. A lip balm or lip mask can also be added to the skincare routine if you'd like.

Keep your skin extra hydrated

Summer skincare is all about keeping the skin supple and hydrated, and you can do this by eating extra fresh fruits and veggies during the summer season. Leafy greens and food high in Vitamin C will help keep your healthy and glowing. 

A face mist can also help lock in extra moisture after your routine or even throughout the day.

summer skincare

Use the right serums for summer

Serums are usually oil-free, making them the perfect base for summer skin care. Hyaluronic acid is great for helping to keep the skin hydrated, such as a Multi-Active Compound.

Boost your SPF!

It doesn't matter whether you decide on chemical  sunscreen or mineral sunscreen, any broad spectrum SPF is crucial to preventing premature ageing, and even skin cancer.

You're still prone to sun damage, UV rays, and other skin concerns even in the cooler months, so wear sunscreen all year round. This includes the neck, ears, face, chest, and hands. If outdoors, exercising or wearing makeup, make sure you reapply every 2 hours.


What should you avoid during summer?

  1. Don't wear heavy makeup. Thin layers are essential for letting your skin breathe throughout the day. 
  2. It's essential to stay hydrated so keep up the water intake and ensure you are getting at least 2 litres per day. 
  3. Don't use a heavy moisturiser. You want to use one that doesn't feel sticky or sweaty on the skin. 
  4. Never go outside without applying sunscreen, especially to exposed areas of your body. It makes a big difference to your skin care.

Overall, speak to a Dermal therapist or  dermatologist if you have any summer skincare concerns you want to address. These professionals can create a plan and expert advice catered to your specific skin type.


What can help pigmentation in summer?

Since UV radiation is more prominent during the warmer months, the increase in sun exposure and DNA damage makes pigmentation worse. To stop this from happening, you'll want to purchase Vitamin C or retinol, which can help repair damaged skin cells over time.


What are some of the best summertime skincare products?

Active Compound CannaComplex® Multi-Active Facial Serum

This is an all-in-one facial serum that  combines 6 different serums in 1 to help the skin receive all  the nutrients it needs. Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, and retinol help stimulate blood flow and cell turn over, hydrating and plumping with included antioxidants, minerals, and actives.

Lipid Complex CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm

Silky smooth and full of omega-rich plant oils such as Vitamin A, D, E, and Omega 6 & 9, helping restore, purify pores, and protect your skin's natural barrier all year round.

Oil Infusion CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum

If you want to nourish your skin with everything it needs, this serum is infused with 14 botanical oils to brighten the skin. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is within the mix as well, perfect for treating a range of skin problems.

It is fast absorbing, hydrating, repairs the skin barrier, and includes L22, active Phyto extracts, and coenzyme Q10. You'll be waking up with a glow every morning!


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