Discover the rejuvenating power of vitamin B-3 with niacinamide serum for glowing skin. Niacinamide skincare is growing in popularity as an effective and all-encompassing skincare ingredient. 

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B-3, has the dual benefit of fostering protein growth in the skin and retaining moisture, combating signs of ageing. 

This comprehensive guide will explore niacinamide's benefits, how to choose and apply niacinamide serums, and the science behind this skincare wonder.

Vela Days is dedicated to creating better skin through clinically proven products. Learn more about our serum containing niacinamide and discover the benefits of incorporating this hard-working vitamin into your routine.


What is niacinamide and how does it work?

Niacinamide, as a powerful form of vitamin B-3, works in the body and skin through various mechanisms. It acts as a coenzyme, supporting various cellular processes essential for maintaining overall skin health.

One of the primary ways niacinamide benefits the skin is by improving its barrier function. It helps increase the production of ceramides, which are lipids that play a crucial role in maintaining the skin's moisture barrier. A stronger barrier helps retain moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and reducing the likelihood of irritation and sensitivity.

We get niacinamide through a wide variety of vitamin B-3-rich foods, including grains, leafy greens, fish, milk, and eggs. Of course, niacinamide can be applied topically too, which is what we're exploring in this article.


Unlock the benefits of niacinamide skincare products

Topical niacinamide delivers a swag of benefits for the skin when included in a skincare routine. Let's dive into the key advantages:

  1. Combat severe acne and reduce inflammatory conditions

The vitamin’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce acne inflammation, control sebum production, and improve overall skin clarity. By regulating oil production, niacinamide can prevent future breakouts, making it effective if you have acne prone skin.

  1. Address hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone

By suppressing the production of melanin, niacinamide promotes a more even complexion. It lightens dark spots and reduces redness, providing a brighter, more balanced skin tone.

  1. Boost collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin

Niacinamide stimulates collagen synthesis, which helps maintain skin elasticity and firmness. This action can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leading to a more youthful 


  1. Reduce redness, itchiness, blotchiness, and other irritations

Irritated skin is soothed and calmed by the anti-inflammatory properties soothe, reducing redness, itchiness, and blotchiness. This makes it particularly beneficial if you have sensitive skin or suffer with inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.

  1. Minimise fine lines and wrinkles

By promoting collagen production and improving skin elasticity, niacinamide helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

  1. Increase keratin production to improve skin elasticity

This key vitamin boosts keratin production, a vital protein for maintaining skin structure and resilience. This increase in keratin helps improve skin elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing.

  1. Support the skin's lipid barrier to retain moisture

Topical use of niacinamide strengthens the skin's lipid barrier, allowing it to better retain moisture and resist external irritants. A healthy lipid barrier ensures well-hydrated, nourished skin, reducing dryness and flakiness.

  1. Strengthen cell structures against environmental stress

This fantastic all-rounder also protects skin cells from oxidative stress caused by environmental factors like UV radiation and pollution. In turn, this protection helps maintain skin health slows the signs of premature ageing.

  1. Decrease enlarged pores and uneven skin tone

If you struggle with the appearance of enlarged pores, you'll get help here too! Niacinamide evens out skin tone by regulating sebum production and promoting healthy cell turnover. This leads to smoother, more refined skin.


Research on the effects of niacinamide and the skin

The transformative abilities of this skin care hero are solidly backed by scientific studies that clearly demonstrate its effectiveness for various skin concerns.

A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that topical niacinamide reduced yellowing, wrinkling, red blotches, and hyperpigmented spots in ageing facial skin. This exciting research highlights the niacinamide benefits for improving skin texture and tone and combating visible signs of ageing.

Meanwhile, another study investigated the impact of a niacinamide on skin barrier function and rosacea symptoms. The results showed dramatic improvements in the stratum corneum and reductions in redness, dryness, and scaling among subjects with rosacea. 

Once again, the benefits of niacinamide for skin health are clear, especially if you have sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions.

The British Journal of Dermatology also explored the effect of niacinamide on minimising pigmentation. The researchers discovered that niacinamide suppressed melanin - the pigment responsible for pigmentation. The result? The appearance of hyperpigmentation was minimised, leading to more even skin tone.

These studies provide strong evidence for including niacinamide in skincare products to address various skin concerns, including ageing, rosacea, and pigmentation issues.


How niacinamide fits into your skincare routine

Step 1: Choose the right product

Consider your skin type and specific concerns when selecting a product with niacinamide. Serums are a great choice as a serum's molecular structure is small, allowing its active ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply than other products with a larger molecular structure, like moisturising creams. 

Vela Days Active Compound is a serum containing niacinamide that can provide all the benefits mentioned above.

Step 2: Prepare your skin

Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying niacinamide serum. This ensures your skin is free of dirt, oil, and makeup, allowing the serum to penetrate effectively.

Step 3: Apply the serum

Dispense a small amount of niacinamide serum onto your fingertips and gently pat it onto your face, focusing on areas with specific concerns. Wait for the serum to absorb fully before moving on to the next step in your skincare routine

Step 4: Layer and lock in moisture

After applying the niacinamide serum, follow up with a moisturiser to lock in hydration and enhance the serum's benefits. For additional nourishment, consider using Vela Days' Oil Infusion, which contains nutrient-rich botanical oils.


Niacinamide in skin care: Morning and evening routines

Niacinamide serum is a fantastic addition to both your morning and evening skincare routines, offering gentle yet effective benefits for your skin around the clock. With its versatile properties, it seamlessly complements your AM and PM routine. 

Using niacinamide serum at night is beneficial because it works in harmony with your skin's natural repair processes that occur while you sleep. By providing essential nutrients and supporting barrier function, it helps your skin recover from daily stressors, allowing you to wake up to a refreshed, rejuvenated complexion each morning.

Explore Vela Days' range of products featuring niacinamide to start experiencing the our remarkable vitamin b serum benefits.