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Vela Days Microfibre Bands (7)

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The most useful skincare assistant you didn't know you needed!

Our Vela Days Cleansing Bands are a sustainable helper which prevent water dripping down your arms while cleansing your face at the basin. They also act as a reusable microfibre makeup remover. These cleansing bands help keep your bathroom counter and arms dry, for the most effortless clean.  

Simply dampen the Cleansing Band and wipe over your entire face to effortlessly remove all make up.

We recommend you then go in with our Lipid Complex for a calming second cleanse on dry or wet skin. 

The Vela Advantage

  • Cleansing Bands to stop water dripping down your arms.
  • Microfibre face wipe.
  • Removes all makeup
  • Hair scrunchie which dried and curls hairs.
  • Sustainable and reusable
  • Machine washable.

How to

How To Use:

Wear a Cleansing Band around each wrist as you wash your face at the basin. These will stop water dripping down your arms and help to keep your counter clean and dry.

To Remove Makeup:

Dampen each Cleansing Band in water and wipe over the entire face to remove all makeup and dirt before cleansing. 

In Hair:

Each Cleansing Band can also be used in your hair as a hair scrunchie or use on wet hair to help dry into soft waves. 

To Wash:

Place in a delicates bag and place in your washing machine on a normal cycle. 


  • Yes, our Cleansing Bands are one size fits all. You just wear them on your wrist at the point that they feel comfortable and firm so no water can pass. 

  • Yes, in our trials most of the time these do remove waterproof makeup just like normal microfibre makeup removing cloths. We recommend you use these as a first cleanse to remove make up and then go in with our Lipid Complex as a second cleanse. 

  • Yes, we recommend if you use these as a makeup removing cloth you wash them after each use.

    If you are just using the bands to stop water dripping down your arms then you should just wash them once a week. Hang them up to dry after each use. 

  • You can just wash these in your normal washing machine, we recommend you place these in a wash bag before placing them in your washing machine so you keep the pair together. 

  • We recommend you hang these somewhere with fresh air and sunlight to dry between uses. 

  • Our Cleansing Bands are the ideal solution for washing your face without getting water everywhere.

    When you cup your hands and lift water to your face, it drips down your elbows once your hands reach eye level. The result is a messy, wet counter and if you’re wearing long sleeves, soggy clothes. 

    Our cleansing bands are an easy solution to this splashy problem. Simply slip the super soft, absorbent bands over your wrists and let the microfibre material act as a barrier between your skin and the water. The bands will soak up any excess water before it has a chance to trickle down your arm, protecting your sleeves and your countertop from a wet mess.

    These clever, multi-purpose bands  double as reusable makeup removing pads, too. Just wet the band and gently wipe it across your entire face to remove all makeup and dirt before cleansing. You can also use these super soft bands as hair scrunchies. Tie your hair back with the band while still damp and it will dry in soft waves. 

    Another tip to stop water splashing everywhere is to hold your face horizontal over the sink when wetting your skin, rather than raising your cupped hands to your face.

User Trials

  • 100% of people loved using the Cleansing Bands
  • 100% found that the Cleansing Bands stopped all water dripping down their arms when washing their face.
  • 97% of people agreed they removed all make up when used as a microfibre cloth.
  • 98% of people loved using them in their hair.


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