Amelia here, CEO of Vela Days 👋🏼

I am so excited to share that we are starting a new weekly series called Skin Loving Tip of the week; this will be a short easy to digest weekly email which delivers you a valuable and insightful tip to keep your skin glowing. I hope this series helps you better understand your skin health and lets you discover new ways to support your skin!

So this week's Skin Loving tip of the week is about a small but mighty vegetable sprout - the Broccolli Sprout!

Broccolli Spouts, not to be confused with actual Broccoli, are grown from seeds germinated in the ground before turning into the mini-tree vegetable with which we are all familiar! 

Why Broccoli Sprouts?

Nowadays, Brocolli Sprouts are said to be one of the ultimate superfoods available. Back in 1997, led by the John Hopkins Medical Institution, broccoli Sprouts were found to contain chemoprotective substances, which prevent the risk of cancer. The researchers also discovered that broccoli sprouts are abundant in isothiocyanates, a most-studied compound today for its anticancer properties. So from this research came lots more about the great benefits of Brocolli sprouts, and I'm here to tell you today those benefits include plenty for your skin!

Top Skin Benefits from including Broccoli Sprout into your diet!

1. Antioxidant skin protection

After a study from the National Academy of Sciences, they learned that the antioxidant element in broccoli sprouts helped prevent damage to skin cells when they stay under the sun a little too long. Of course, these won't replace your sunscreen by any means. However, they may help to give you a little extra sun protection boost.

2. High in antioxidants

Antioxidants are a glowing complexions dream; we want them topically and in our diet for the best possible effects! When eaten, broccoli sprouts can give you higher antioxidant effects than any other fruit and vegetable. There are two types of antioxidants found in broccoli sprouts. The first one is glucoraphanin, a compound also found in other cruciferous plants. This substance helps prevent and reduce oxidative damage from unstable molecules in the body. The second is sulforaphane, which helps oxygenate the skin and contributes to better cell circulation.

3. Rich in Vitamin C

Broccoli sprouts are also rich in vitamin C, another nutrient we want both topically and abundant in our diet. Vitamin C is involved in collagen and the skin barrier development in your dermis and helps reduce oxidative stress on our skin from exposure to pollution, UV and lifestyle diseases.

4. Improve immune function and gut health!

Our gut is connected to our overall health, and what happens in your gut usually plays out in your skin. Broccoli sprouts have been shown to help protect against ulcers and stomach bugs and improve your gut flora by including them in your diet daily.

The best news is that broccoli Sprouts are so easy to include in your diet for a great addition to your skin health!

Here are my top 5 ways to have broccoli sprouts in your life:

  1. Grow some broccoli sprouts on your windowsill! It usually only takes around 3- 4 days to begin harvesting your sprouts, so you can eat them fresh each morning!
  2. Use your fresh sprouts in a delicious sandwich like this sprouty chicken and avocado sandwich masterpiece for a quick and skin-loving lunch! 
  3. Add in a Broccoli Sprout supplement each day! Cell Logic EnduraCell BioActive is a great daily dose of Broccoli Sprout powder. Always speak to your doctor before including a new supplement in your routine. 
  4. Start your day with a delicious smoothie featuring the mightly sprout like this antioxidant-packed Green juice. 
  5. As the weather gets cooler, end your day with this delicious Broccoli and basil cream soup for ultimate comfort food with skin benefits. 

So start loving on your skin by following this week's skin-loving tip and get sprouting!

Let me know how you go, 

Amelia x