Does your skin ever get you down? It happens, that’s life! However, there are a few quick fixes we can implement to give a serious glow up. Take a look at a few of our easy quick fixes to treating skin concerns.

FOR: Dull Skin

As we get older our skins can start to become duller and more lifeless. Our oil production can slow down, your cell turnover starts to slow and skin can become lifeless and lacking.

Quick fixes include:

  • Introduce an AHA acid exfoliator to help buff dead skin cells and instantly brighten.
  • Introduce a retinoid into your routine.
  • Light oils and products with added mica or “glow” pearl essence can help for a daily instant boost.
  • Make sure your double cleansing each night to ensure you are thoroughly cleansing your face and removing skin build up. Our Lipid Complex works as both a first and second cleanse on dry and wet skin.

FOR: Pigmentation

Pigmentation is usually the result of accumulated sun damage or hormonal changes. It's manageable with skincare to a degree otherwise professional treatments may be needed.

Quick fixes include:

  • Religiously wear sunscreen every day. Choose a sunscreen with more physical filters than chemical filters to better protect if you are pigmentation prone.
  • Incorporate vitamin C or other antioxidants (if you are acne prone) to help lighten your dark spots.
  • Use brightening spot treatments on stubborn pigmentation. Our Oil Infusion houses a cocktail of brightening actives to really infuse the complexion with glow.

FOR: Fine Lines

Fine lines can often creep into skin of all ages not just because of aging but also because of skin dehydration and dead skin cell build up.

Quick fixes include:

  • Focus on hydration to plump skin with serums and moisturiser. Our Active Compound has four weights of hyaluronic Acid for deep skin hydration.
  • Include a retinoid to increase cell turnover and encourage collagen production
  • Include an eye cream which has retinol in it to use on specific fine lines regularly.