I've always liked the sound of the word algorithm, but it almost feels like the word is a little bit tainted now because of social media. It's been personified and vilified as this big machine that keeps the wheels turning for social media companies. I sometimes wonder what mathematicians think of the tech world taking ownership of algorithms. Is there a little bit of hostility there that they no longer solely own the term, like surely there's at least a slight grudge?

We all regularly hear things like "the algorithm f@cked us", "It's a change in the algorithm", "I don't see anything anymore because of the algorithm", and my personal favourite ", Don't even talk to me about the algorithm changes". In the business world, it's almost taboo to say the 'A' word; each business owner has some traumatic experience stemming from our old friend Al. It's as if Harry finally killed off Lord Voldemort only to grow up into a world where the Algorithm has come back as the new "He Who Must Not Be Named".

At Vela, Algorithms regularly punish us because we choose to play in the cannabis space. As a result, we are permanently banned, rejected, disputed and downgraded by Algorithms. No matter how hard we try to give Australian's access to advance, science-based products utilising hemp and cannabis-based ingredients, we constantly hit roadblocks because of it. For example, I'm sure the number of times I use the word cannabis in this email will somehow affect our google ranking. We'll be penalised for that because the Algorithm, as sophisticated as it is, cannot tell the difference between me trying to sell you hemp-based skincare and me trying to sell you illegal substances. We've been permanently banned from Facebook advertising for no reason; they just shut our account down one day and didn't tell us why. We have been banned from selling on Pinterest as we are classed in a drug category. We have our ads rejected on Instagram because we tried to show a before and after picture of someone's skin after the Active Compound drastically reduced their acne and pigmentation after only four weeks of use. We have our ads rejected on Tiktok because our website home page has a picture of a cannabis flower on the home page, and on and on, it goes. And all of this made me really cranky this week, so here we are.

So the entire point of this rant is: No matter how hard it is for us to talk to you about the importance of cannabis, the life-changing effects cannabis has been giving people around the world, the INCREDIBLE skin benefits of utilising this amazing plant and how easy it is for you to finally get access to the most advanced hemp-based skincare in Australia; I will continue to do everything in my power to get that information to you, I will continue to find new platforms to speak to you on.

So I'm asking you for one favour in return; if you've made it this far, you are as excited by the power of hemp as we are, so I simply ask you to help us by engaging with us when you do see us on your devices. Opening an email and clicking on a link tells google you think our emails are worthy of peoples time, so we don't go to Junk mail. Commenting or sharing our post on Instagram tells Facebook our content should be shown to more people because it's valuable information. Liking our TikTok's, to be honest, just makes me smile because they are hilarious, and I'm sure it does something for the Algorithm as well.

So I promise that if you engage with our content, I will make it my mission to give you as much as I can. I will ensure our valued, engaged members are given discounts and gifts with purchase, as a thank you as often as I can. I will make sure you are given as much valuable and exciting content as possible, so all your questions are answered, and you feel well informed. And I will make certain Vela Days gives you the best skin you could have ever dreamed of; otherwise, I'll give you your money back. It's that simple. Because we have our own Algorithm and marketing machine, and I can see every one of you who click on our emails and comment and share our posts, and I will make it my mission to make it worthwhile for you.

So if you have not tried Vela Days yet and your questioning if you should, go online and hit add to cart on one of our Vela Days Sample Packs. It will be 100% FREE (including shipping) with the code 'TAKETHATFACEBOOK' at checkout, so you can finally try Australia's #1 Cannabis Skincare brand, which is transforming peoples skin every day.

Yours faithfully,


CEO, Vela Days